Watch Robyn's New "Monument" TV Commercial for Volvo

Watch Robyn's New "Monument" TV Commercial for Volvo

Celebrities shilling cars almost never works because there isn’t a chance the celebrity in question would really drive the car they’re shilling. Jennifer Lopez at the wheel of a FIAT 500? Jenny’s not from that block. Is Ricardo Montalban driving a Chrysler Cordova in heaven? Not for all the Corinthian Leather in the world!

But Robyn driving a Volvo V60 wagon in a new TV commercial to the tune of “Monument,” the sweeping, epic track from her just-released (and fabulously great) “Do It Again” collaboration EP with Royksopp, rings true. Volvo and Robyn are both Swedish (Royksopp is Norwegian), and she lives in Los Angeles, which serves as the backdrop for the commercial.  The track “Monument” was inspired by the sculpture of Juliana Cerqueira Leite, and is about leaving behind a meaningful and representative impression of what you stand for: the commercial touts Volvo’s highly efficient “Drive-E” engines, and underscores its commitment to protecting the environment with ultra-low emissions vehicles. Together with Robyn’s too-cool-for-bling personality, her star turn for unconventionally-cerebrally-cool Volvo is a match made in endorsement heaven.

 "It's not a commercial about a car -- it's a commercial about a way of thinking," says Robyn, noting that she was attracted to the Swedish company's environmental record and new, low-emission Drive E engines. Per Carleö, marketing manager of Volvo Cars Sweden, adds, "[Robyn] takes that unique Swedish-ness and brings it out into the world, and we think we're doing the same thing at Volvo."

Me with Robyn at Coachella in 2012

Stream music and video from the "Do It Again" EP here - where you'll also find dates to catch Robyn & Royksopp live on tour this summer. Can you tell I’m a fan?!